Not-So-Obsolete Journal Anymore (___hippriest) wrote in beautybyontd,
Not-So-Obsolete Journal Anymore

Acne Scars

As someone with adult acne, I have a big problem with acne scarring. I no longer pick at my face, which used to be a bad habit of mine, so I have not had any new scars pop up. Also, my new, more religious skincare routine has really cleared my skin. However, a lot of my old scars refuse to go away and it is preventing me from having nice skin. For reference, I do not have much scarring by the way of pock marks, most of my scarring is due to hyper-pigmentation (like Katy Perry's above).  I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies had any recommendations for products or diy treatments that have worked for you. I prefer natural products but I'll try anything!
Tags: acne, scars, skincare
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